Phil Johnson with Tom Myers

April 7 –  8, 2017

Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson deftly wields his guitar, spinning out one funny scenario after another. Far beyond the strumming/storytelling and parody style of other comedians his songs are all original, and written to include the music as an integral part of the story. His shows have been called “choreographed frenzy” and his easy, mellow command of the stage turns completely demented on a dime. It’s a show with variety, energy, and originality that definitely pushes the boundaries. Armed with a degree in music, years of experience leading his band Roadside Attraction, and a friendly and playful sense of humor, Phil Johnson knows well what it takes to entertain an audience. But beyond just entertainment, Phil seeks to actually communicate something important…That life is just not as serious as we all think.

Featuring Tom Myers

Tom Myers is a comedian who tackles any subject. Whether the topic is current events, social and political issues or even a topic other comedians would not even approach, Tom is not afraid to make you laugh about it using his straight-talking, no-holds-barred manner. Tom has performed in comedy clubs, theaters, casinos, fire halls, bars and restaurants in several states and the District of Columbia. Tom is currently working on “Tom Myers’s Declaration of Unrepentance” a stand-up/sketch comedy mini-series in which Tom will star, produce and co-write with writer/actor Dan Davis.