Craig Allen

March 28th & 29th

Craig Allen is a highly-respected comedy writer who can be heard regularly on XM Satellite Radio, and who recently made his national radio debut on The Bob and Tom Show. Craig Allen is known in the comedy industry as a top-notch joke writer. Comedian Wild Bill Bauer, says of Craig: Craig Allen is one of the top five comedic writers I know the other four are already stars. Craig Allens comedy has been described as bizarre, yet intelligent” and “he delights in turning the mundane into the insane” and his twisted logic would make a Vulcan cry with laughter. Craig initially started out writing material for other comedians, such as Rick Rockwell from Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?. Jokes he written have appeared in Playboy, The London Times, The Washington Post, The New York Post, the tabloid Star, and on ABC ‘s “The View”. Craig has also done some writing for television, having written for the critically-acclaimed, Peabody Award nominated PBS television series “Mental Engineering A highly-respected comedic writer, Craig has quickly become a staple of morning radio shows. His CD, Idiot Box can be heard regularly on XM Satellite Radio. He recently made his live national radio debut on The Bob and Tom Show (heard by several million people daily). Originally slated for a short 15-minute segment, Bob and Tom liked Craig so much that they kept him on for nearly two hours! In 2003, Craig organized a nationwide comedy event: Standup for the Troops. It was held in over a dozen cities, to boost morale for the military and to raise money for the USO and the VFW’s Operation Uplink

With special guest Tommy Ryman

Tommy Ryman
is the best comedian, just ask his mom, who voted him best comedian. Tommy has an incredible adorable and non threatening sense of humor, people that have seen him love it. a favorite comedian in the midwest, he has played some of the top clubs in the Country and has worked with some of the best comedians in the nation, Louis C.K. Maria Bamford. Mary Mack, Dana Gould to name a few. Tommy is regularly featured on rooftopcomedy one of the fastest growing comedy websites. If you don’t know who Tommy is you should!