Paul Dillery

April 11th – 12th

Paul Dillery has appeared in clubs, theaters and colleges across the country.  He has also been spotted from time to time on television stand-up comedy shows on HBO, PBS, Comedy Central, as well as in a few sketch comedy shows, sitcoms, and commercials.
Paul’s act has been described as a combination of self-deprecating stories, off-beat observations, sight gags, and a little unexpected ukulele music  thrown in here and there.  He’s sort of a cheerful loser who often points out that we’re all in the same boat. You’ve never met anyone quite like Paul but you’ll be happy to spend some time with him just the same!


With special guest Tom Baumgartner

Tom Baumgartner
– Started acting in Theater, TV & Radio Commercials, and Industrial Films in the mid-seventies.  Got into the local Stand-up Comedy Club Scene in 1979 and eventually migrated to Los Angeles in late 1988.  Did some acting in TV shows and commercials as well as some Stand-up TV shows while in LA.  Some of the shows I acted on were, Roseanne, Hunter, LA Law, Amen, Santa Barbara, and General Hospital.  I performed on A & E’s “Comedy On The Road” hosted by John Byner and was regularly featured on the Dennis Miller Show with “Jokes From Tom”.

In the mid 90’s I got out of show business to help raise my son.  Now that he’s finished up his Computer Science Degree and Art Degree at the University of Minnesota, I’m slinging jokes again!  See you out there!