Chris Shaw

April 25th – 26th

CHRIS SHAW – Unusual? Always. Predictable? Never. Hilarious? Definitely!

Comedian Chris Shaw comes to town bringing his bouncy, cleverly physical style, and show’s how this national headliner has become a crowd favorite! While placing his faith in observation, agility and wit, Shaw draws his audiences in through bizarre metaphors and hilarious facial expressions, bringing the crowd along for the ride…only to send them into unsuspecting comedy waters.
Catch this frequent cable performer for a side-splitting evening of funny business.


With special guest David Harris

David Harris is carving a new path in the world of entertainment. His innovative synthesis of comedy and magic is something you’ll want to experience. David uses common objects and themes that make perfect sense while the wonders he presents are simply baffling. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Close-up or standup, David’s act will leave you wanting more. So look great and book him today, before he disappears!