Lee Lycan with Dennis Carney


Lee Lycan

At 6’5” 250 lbs. Lee L.A. is very sensitive about his size.  At 6’5” he raises the mic stand and brings comedy to a higher level.  L.A. travels a lot, which shapes the way he looks at life, providing for a unique comedy experience.  His act is creative, well written, improvisational and includes audience interaction.  L.A. has performed all over the United States and worked with Frank Caliendo, Lewis Black, Kevin Boseman, Chris Barnes, Carl Banks, and Rob Little.  Lee L.A. Lycan is a member of Entertainmentmax clean comedy division.


Dennis Carney

Dennis Carney got into comedy later in life. His comedy appeals to all ages, as he pokes fun at himself and the problems incurred as one ages. He also draws upon his experiences gained in a long career in the newspaper industry. He has appeared in many venues ranging  from colleges to assisted living homes, and church groups to several comedy clubs thru out Minnesota. His comedy is always well received no matter where he performs.

Show Date: November 17, 2017 - November 18, 2017

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